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BrakingforCars.com’s Top Ten Super Bowl XLIV Car Commercials

Based on how well the audience at a Super Bowl party we attended received this year’s commercials, we’ve ranked the ten most discussed Super Bowl car commercials. This is not all of the ads shown, only the ones that evoked some sort of response either for against the ad. If a spot didn’t make a big enough impression to warrant any impression, it was determined to be worse than bad, because after all, bad press is better than no press. Continue reading

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Super Bowl XLIV Ads – Volkswagen Punch Dub

We’ve been following Sluggy Patterson since he first appeared on the social media scene on January 27th of this year. Sluggy has been featured in a series of segments explaining the history of Punch Buggy, Slug Bug, Slug Buggy or whatever name they call it in your part of the world for the game where you are entitled to punch the person next to you for spotting a Bug. Continue reading

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Super Bowl XLIV Automotive Commercials Preview

Super Bowl XLIV is just around the corner, and as we anxiously await, the cold brews, tailgating smorgasbords, and who will be crowned champion, the one thing we don’t have to wait for is the commercials. Here at BrakingForCars.com, our favorite ads are the car related ads, and some of those Super Bowl car commercials have been released before the coin is even tossed. Continue reading

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