3rd Annual Lake Forest Car Show

Lake Forest Car Show – Classic Cars Paired with Classic Rock

1937 Cord at the Lake Forest Car Show

1937 Cord

3rd Annual Lake Forest Car show, Lake Forest, CA – While the rest of the automotive world was focused on Pebble Beach and Goodwood, Braking for Cars took in a local car show in Lake Forest, CA. The event was held in conjunction with the City’s final concert in their summer concert series and to finalize the series with a bang attendees were treated with a doubleheader. The featured bands were Creedenced and The Long Run, tribute bands featuring the music of Creedence Clearwater Revival and The Eagles respectively (in case you were raised in a basement). As a result, spectators were treated to a great soundtrack to checkout the hot rods and classics by.

A Small Car Show with a Big Turnout

Lake Forest Car Show - The Long Run

Lake Forest Car Show – Eagles tribute band, The Long Run

The vehicle turnout was relatively small since the Lake Forest event is only in its third year. However, the number of spectators wandering in and out from the adjoining concert was high in comparison. After all, a car show should never be judged by its size and only by its content. There were a number of cars we rarely see at your typical car show, which provided great content. Among the cars we loved were a 1940 International Pickup and a 1933 Packard, but our favorite was a 1937 Cord.

Below we’ve included a slideshow of the cars we found worthy of braking for, maybe you’ll stop to take look at them, too.

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