Super Bowl XLIV Ads –

Super Bowl XLIV ad -

Super Bowl XLIV ad -

10. The only car ad people hated more than Audi’s Green Police. You’ve never heard so many people complain about how long a minute is., people want that part of their lives back.

For their 2010 Super Bowl ad, once again brought us a story of how an otherwise confident individual became terror stricken when it came to buying cars, but overcame that fear with the help of

We weren’t excited about the ad when we previewed it, and attendees of the Super Bowl bash we were attending unanimously agreed.

The premise is good, and it is a nice story, but the commercial is too long and without “pop.” Kudos to for maximizing their platinum-laced air time and making a minute seem like an eternity to make sure they had all the time they needed to get their message across. We’re sure those who were able to stay awake through it will never forget that 60-seconds of their life and will remember who to see about getting them back.

Can’t we do something a little less excruciating instead, like watch Pete Townshend miss another high note?

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–by Vernon Heywood

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