Super Bowl XLIV Ads – Dodge: Man’s Last Stand

Supber Bowl XLIV ad - Dodge: Man's Last Stand

Supber Bowl XLIV ad - Dodge: Man's Last Stand

3. What can we say? We’re suckers for horsepower!

Chrysler was the only one of the three Detroit automakers to buy air time during Super Bowl XLIV. Not only does buying an ad during the Super Bowl require a premium chunk of change, but we don’t imagine hiring Emmy Award winning actor Michael C. Hall can be done with too many discount coupons either.

However, the ad did well among our Super Bowl viewers. Everyone stopped, listened, and then made jokes about our tax dollars at work.

Once again, the spot was geared toward the men in the crowd and pointed out all the “sacrifices” us Neanderthals endure to keep our mates happy, including putting away dirty underwear and being nice to the mother-in-law. But more importantly it gave men ammo for the argument as to why are entitled to buy a cool car. And while not all of our Super Bowl revelers agreed with Dodge that they should buy a new Charger, a Challenger wasn’t necessarily out of the question either.

Witness here all that men have to endure and see if you don’t deserve to sit behind the wheel of something a little more manhood worthy than your current ride.

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–by Vernon Heywood

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