Super Bowl XLIV Ads – Bridgestone: Your Tires or Your Life

Bridgestone Tires or Your Life from Super Bowl XLIV

Bridgestone Tires or Your Life from Super Bowl XLIV

6. We thought this one would score higher among our peeps, but they found it only mildly amusing.

Those wacky ad execs from Bridgestone got us again. In the second of two cliffhanger ads from Bridgestone for Super Bowl XLIV, we see a sports car being chased into a roadblock by a malevolent SUV.

At the road block, a leather clad woman gets out of the car and we expect her to have to fight off the baddies in order to keep her tires after they make the “Your tires or your life” ultimatum. That’s when what you think you know what is going to happen goes all wrong.

Funny how a little misunderstanding—a misheard word—can totally change a plot. All the men laughed at this commercial, but the women didn’t find it quite so amusing. That could be because unlike the first ad with the whale, this time the wife is the butt of the joke.

I’m not in too much trouble for laughing at this one, though. I mean she did let me have a blanket to sleep on the couch with this time.

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–by Vernon Heywood

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