Super Bowl XLIV Automotive Commercials Preview

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Super Bowl XLIV is just around the corner, and as we anxiously await the cold brews, tailgating smorgasbords, and who will be crowned champion, the one thing we don’t have to wait for is the commercials. Here at, our favorite ads are the car related ads, and some of those Super Bowl car commercials have been released before the coin is even tossed.

Many years the ads during the Super Bowl have been more popcorn worthy than the game itself, so while we can’t always count on a great game, we can always count on great Super Bowl ads. In the past we have been treated to an Audi R8 making an offer you can’t refuse, and a suicidal GM robot, both exceeding the Super Bowl commercial bar.

Super Bowl XLIV will be no exception judging from the ads already released by Hyundai and Bridgestone… sorry… not so much.  There’s even a terrific social media assault being driven by Volkswagen featuring “Sluggy Patterson,” the fictitious founder of the Punch Buggy game. You can follow Sluggy on Facebook and Twitter, but you’ll have to wait for the Super Bowl to see the commercial.

You can see the build up for two Bridgestone commercials right now, though. Bridgestone has released a teaser called “A Whale of a Tale.” featuring a Chevrolet Avalanche, two guys and a killer whale. The whale is loaded in the back of the Avalanche and in need of some sort of rescue. Will the heroes save the whale in time? You’ll have to watch the Super Bowl to find out, but here’s the story so far:

In another Bridgestone spot, titled “Your Tires or Your Life,” a woman driving a sports car chased by a malevolent looking SUV runs into an air wrench toting baddy. Here’s what you need to know on this one before the Super Bowl:

This commercial by Hyundai is our favorite Super Bowl car ad so far. Not only is it a car ad produced for viewing during the greatest came on the planet, but it features and pokes a little fun at arguably the greatest quarterback on the planet. What do Cheeseheads and Purple People Eaters know anyway? However, our hat is off to Brett Favre, cheese, horned or otherwise, for appearing in the commercial and being able to make fun of himself. See Favre 10 years from now in this Super Bowl ad from Hyundai:

There’s bound to be more great stuff coming. Watch for more from Sluggy Patterson; a new Audi commercial; and Danica (hubba, hubba) Patrick in another commercial. We’ll rank the top ten car related commercials after the Super Bowl and show them here. Come back and see the ones you missed and let us know if you agree which ones were best.

–by Vernon Heywood

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