Super Bowl XLIV Ads – Spa Super Bowl ad featuring Danica Patrick at a spa Super Bowl ad featuring Danica Patrick at a spa

5. It’s Danica Patrick. Sure, the commercial was kinda lame…but IT’S DANICA.

Great things come in threes—like fast cars, fast women and great Super Bowl commercials. With race car driver Danica Patrick you get all three in one superbly wrapped package. In the first of two ads from to appear in Super Bowl XLIV, our favorite racy female is at a spa to get a massage when she is recognized as the GoDaddy girl.

Really? She’s more recognizable as a spokesperson for a domain hosting company than she is as a representative for her chosen profession. OK, we’ll chalk it up to the blondeness of the masseuse who also wants to be a GoDaddy girl. But, just as she is about to show us…uh…we mean Ms. Patrick why she should be a GoDaddy girl, the GoDaddy logo pops up telling us if we want to see more, we need to go to

So for strictly editorial purposes we did.

However, this piece is to cover commercials shown in the Super Bowl, so we will refrain from showing you what we had hoped… we mean expected… to be the usual level of GoDaddy debauchery we have come to know (and love). We’ll let you go to to view the internet version of this ad and you can decide if things were as… transparent… as should be expected from the normally controversial advertiser.

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–by Vernon Heywood

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