Super Bowl XLIV Ads – in the News's second Super Bowl XLIV ad's second Super Bowl XLIV ad

7. OK, so this one has Danica in it, too. But after the first one, people started to feel a little cheated.

In the second of two Super Bowl XLIV ads from, the lovely and fast Ms. Danica Patrick is in a newsroom where she is being questioned about the “hotness” of GoDaddy Super Bowl ads. Danica asks, “How hot is too hot?” and one of the reporters starts to show her what too hot for TV is when the screen… you guessed it… goes to the GoDaddy logo telling you to go to to see what happens next, just like they did to us in the first one.

We checked the internet version of this ad as well, and were just as disappointed in how not “too hot for TV” this spot was as we were in the first one. When lets us down and the only half time wardrobe malfunction we can count on is Roger Daltry’s belly button, what’s a football fan to do?

I guess we could watch the game.

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–by Vernon Heywood

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