Super Bowl XLIV Ads – Honda Accord Crosstour

Squirrel form the Honda Accord Crosstour ad

Multi-faceted: When you lose a fight to a drunken gem cutter.

8. And here is where things start to get a little ugly. Whoops! Sorry Honda, no pun on the Crosstour’s looks intended.

The Honda Accord Crosstour was unveiled to harsh criticism for its unorthodox looks and prodigious proboscis. With looks only the deisgner’s mother could love, it only makes sense that the ad campaign for Honda’s less than attractive new vehicle feature animation displaying equally unflattering angles and shapes.

We’re not sure how a multi-faceted (literally, not figuratively) squirrel that looks like it lost a fight with a drunken gem cutter relates to why we should buy a Crosstour, but by comparison, it does make the Crosstour seem more attractive.

We’re not in love with the looks of the Crosstour, but we’re not shrinking in terror from it either and did like the vehicle when we drove it. If this is what it will take to get people to take a look, then more power to Honda. Never judge a book by its cover, the Honda Accord Crosstour deserves better consideration than it has received thus far. This commercial, however… not so much.

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–by Vernon Heywood

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