Super Bowl XLIV Ads – Audi Green Police

Audi Green Police

Audi Green Police making a bust

9. Maybe we tried too hard to like Audi’s Green Police. We got into it, but the crowd actually started using derrogatory language, calling it “dumb” and “stupid.” There must not have been a treehugger in the bunch.

When we first heard Cheap Trick was reworking their classic Dream Police track for an Audi commercial our first thought was “sell out.” When we heard the new lyrics were “Green Police” we felt our suspicions were confirmed. Then Audi released a series of mock public service announcements where the Green Police were identifying ways to make the world a greener place and weren’t quite sure who to feel more sorry for, Cheap Trick for hacking up one of our favorite tunes, or Audi for desperately trying to tie the green movement in whole to the naming of the A3 TDI as Green Car of the Year.

We were wrong, and are happy to eat crow as long as there is a bottle of ketchup nearby. As much as an exhaust pipe, a spare tire and a cup holder offer no real insight in to how good a car is until you drive the completed automobile, the bits and pieces Audi has been offering us about their Super Bowl commercial gave us no real clue as to how well the ad works as a whole either.

The Cheap Trick soundtrack works. It blends so well with the action that it only adds to the pace and tone of the commercial instead of sticking out like a green thumb.  In addition, the green violation busts are hilarious. We particularly like “You picked the wrong day to mess with the eco system Plastic boy!”

Nice job Audi, and Cheap Trick. Be sure to check out all of the Audi Green Police videos. But you can see the Super Bowl ad again below.

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–by Vernon Heywood

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