Route 66 Cruisin’ Reunion: 1934 Ford Pickup

One seriously Twisted 1934 Ford Pickup

1934 Ford Pickup

1934 Ford Pickup – Route 66 Cruisin’ Reunion

At first glance, we were merely amused by the articulated bed of this 1934 Ford Pickup spotted at the Route 66 Cruisin’ Reunion. But the closer we looked, the more we appreciated all the work that went into the details. The lifted and rotated bed is just the beginning of how deeply twisted this  1934 Ford Pickup really is. Not only is the engine blown, but the passengers will be too, by the giant sub-woofer sitting under the seat. If bone shuddering audio indulgence is not enough for you, be sure to check out the flat screens on either side mounted under the bed. The final twist is that front fender mounted spare is motorized and rotates even while the rest of the wheels are parked. If the bed hadn’t been raised, we might have walked right by this stunning example of automotive customization. It just goes to show you should never judge a Ford by its cover.

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