2014 Belmont Shore Car Show

Belmont Shore Car Show Offers Something for Every Palate

1964 Chrysler Newport Wagon - 2014 Belmont Shores Car Show

1964 Chrysler Newport Wagon – 2014 Belmont Shores Car Show

Few car shows in Southern California offer an as rich and diverse assortment of vehicles on their menu as does the Belmont Shore Car Show. There is truly something for eveyone’s tastes. September 7th, 2014 marked the 25th anniversary of the Belmont Shore Car Shore hosted by the Bay City Rodders Car Club.  The annual car show was held on 2nd Street, in the Belmont Shore area of Long Beach.

Bustling 2nd Street is a popular gathering spot any day of the week with it’s eclectic shops, diverse restaurants, and a right hand lane slathered in a wide swath of green making every square inch of the strip one giant bike lane. In fact, 2nd Street is so bike friendly, that on any given summer night, one might spot a pedal powered bar making it’s way down the street full of “spirited” passengers. Cars can also drive in the “green” lane, but must yield at all times to the cycling set. On this particular Sunday, however, even those wheeled vehicles without engines had to yield to the throngs of people milling about on two feet to check out all the vintage restorations and over the top modifieds lining both sides of the street in each direction.

1957 Pontiac Safari - 2014 Belmont Shores Car Show

1957 Pontiac Safari – 2014 Belmont Shores Car Show

One of the things that make this car show so unique is the number of different offerings on display. While there are the typical 1955-57 Chevys, and vintage Mustangs that never fail to amke an appearance at any car show, there weren’t rows upon rows of these beautiful but all too common cars. Instead, there is a wide variety representing all years and a wide assortment of manufacturers including such uncommon finds as an unmolested 1961 Borgward Isabella Coupé, and a stunning 1963 Chrysler Newport Wagon. If variety is the spice of life, then you’ll find few car shows as flavorful as the Belmont Shore Car Show. Be sure to check it out next year.


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