Braking for Apps: Tales2Go Makes Road Trips With Kids Easier

A new app called Tales2Go keeps kids entertained on the road.

A new app called Tales2Go keeps kids entertained while you enjoy your summer road trips, and on June 18th it’s free with a 30 day trial that can be extended through Labor Day.

“Are we there yet? Are we there yet? I’m bored. Are we there yet?”

Sound familiar? Let’s face it, as beautiful as certain parts of the country are, we can only ask our kids to ooh and ah at the miles and miles of amber waves of grain for so long. They’re going to need to be entertained, and when all you can spy with your little eye is wheat kernels or sage brush for the next 150 miles, it’s time to enlist some help.

When we are on a family road trip, my wife and I like to keep the family together. That means we enjoy the scenery together, and when the scenery repeatedly scrolls by like the background in a Flintstones cartoon we find ways to be entertained together. So I was pretty excited late last night when a little birdie tweeted us about this app posted by, thanks @SundayDriveNet.

The best way to describe Tales2Go is “books on iPhone.” They are narrated stories that play on your iPhone like an audio book and they range from a few minutes to several hours. A quick run through the app showed it’s easy to navigate and the stories are organized by: highest rated, most popular, age, story type, books, storytellers, characters and series, new and different, grade level, and narrators; making it easy to quickly find something to keep you and your backseat destination checker entertained for the duration of your trip. We were delighted to find stories from two of our child’s favorite series available on the app: Encyclopedia Brown and Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

They may not be an adults first choice for audio entertainment, but they are entertaining enough for you to get involved in your child’s reading interests and in the case of Diary of a Wimpy kid, prepare you for what you’ll be seeing in the movies when junior drags you to see it.

Of course, road trips aren’t the only use. Stuck in traffic? Waiting for an appointment? Pulling over for an hour and a half to talk to a complete stranger about his 1956 Powell pickup? All great situations to employ Tales2Go and help your child endure the tortuous anti-kinetic tasks we inflict upon them.

Tales2Go is currently only available on iPhone, but the website, promises versions for other phones are coming soon. The download is free with a 30 day trial period and then an annual subscription of $24.99 a month afterward.

Try it this summer. We think you’ll find your sanity is well worth $24.99 a year.

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