When is a Chevy not a Chevy?

GM says no more Chevy

When it’s a Chevrolet apparently.

The Twitterverse was abuzz this morning over an internal GM memo that had surfaced asking employees to refrain from using the term Chevy when speaking about the Chevrolet brand. As you can imagine this had Chevy… excuse us… Chevrolet enthusiasts up in arms, and journalists chiming in with their own two cents on the matter. Some wickedly funny tweets were flying, and here are a few of our favorites:

@Edmunds_Test: Singing: Bon voyage, Miss American fruit-filled pastry. Drove my Chevrolet to the levrolet, but the levrolet was devoid of moisture.

@Edmunds_Test: Some say the best SNL actor is Bill Murray. I disagree. It’s Chevrolet Chase all the way.

@Edmunds_Test: New Chevrolet tag line, as sung by Bob Seger: like a monolithic fragment of igneous geologic material. Oooooh…

@PickupTrucks: I’ve got one last thing to say about Chevy/Chevrolet: http://www.cmaawards.com/ (see lower right corner). That’s knowing your market.

@CarGuyDad: <- Waits for @jalopnik to write a #chevy eulogy, followed by “10 cars that killed Chevy” & “10 best Chevys ever made”. #carpocalypse

And our own…

@vheywood: Chevy to be called proper name from now on: Chevrolet. Thankfully Hummer is no longer around. That proper name is a duzy!

The chatter raised such a clatter that it prompted GM to issue an official statement citing that they aren’t banning the beloved Chevy name, but trying to create conformity in brand name recognition as Chevrolet continues to grow globally.

We’re cool with that. I like my friends to call me Vern, but when it’s time to get all official, I’m Harry Vernon Heywood, Jr.—just in case you missed the internal memo.

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