AAA Triptik Mobile iPhone App

AAA Triptik Mobile iPhone App

Saving money when it's time to refuel was never easier.

If you plan on making like Clark Griswold and packing up the family truckster and hitting the open road this summer, AAA has a new iPhone app that will help keep you from blowing all your nickels before you reach your own personal Wally World, keep you from making that wrong turn at the Grand Canyon, help you find reputable accommodations with pools you would actually want to swim in, and locate repair shops where the proprietor doesn’t double as the corrupt town sheriff.

AAA members are used to going to their phone when they need assistance for a roadside emergency, but now anyone can count on AAA for roadside assistance in non-emergency situations. AAA has released a free app for iPhone, AAA Triptik Mobile, that gives travelers an edge when driving through unknown territory, as well as all your familiar haunts. Triptik Mobile finds services you may need on the road and provides turn by turn navigation to get to them.

Never mind how useful this app would be on a road trip, even while running errands users will find the new app helpful on a daily basis as it pinpoints nearby gas stations as well as listing their current fuel prices and provides you with directions to get there. Simply check the gas prices in the direction you’re heading and route the one with the best price into your daily routine. Saving money was never so easy. Combined with the AAA Discounts app, members can save at every turn. (more)

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