Top Ten Most Dangerous Drivers by Profession

Insure this!

Insure this! announced their list of the Top Ten Most Dangerous Drivers by Profession this morning. found that professions that demand multi-tasking tend to rank higher on the list—a no-brainer there. We were, however, surprised to find out athletes and homemakers were among the safest. We guess athletes are too busy committing other crimes or adultery to… wait… do you think they know about Tiger? did cite that homemakers tend to be off the road during peak traffic hours and that they typically have children in the car making them more cautious. Sadly, this means being a left lane bandit and driving slow enough to keep traffic from moving in order to make that right hand turn from the left lane are paying off.

We were also wondering why dog groomers came in at number six. Seriously? Is there some kind of dog grooming emergencies that occur that we are unaware of? Please tell us they are not multi-tasking and grooming our pets while they drive. It’s all the ammo we need to convince us to take our dog to the groomer, we don’t want them driving down our street no matter how badly Rover stinks!

But our favorite on the list, and the most dangerous drivers according to judges and attorneys, with 44 percent claiming a prior accident. We didn’t think it possible, but our opinion of attorneys is even lower now. We’re guessing it has something to do with the BMWs that they drive as well. And that’s right, that guy you had to plead guilty for speeding in front of so you could go to traffic school, odds are he’s a worse driver than you. We don’t recommend using that as a defense next time you sign an invitation to appear, though.

The complete list of offenders is listed below. If your occupation is on it, you may want to consider switching careers, or at least ask about hazard pay. Good luck on those insurance rates!

  1. 1.   Attorney/Judge
  2. 2.   Financial professionals
  3. 3.   Government worker (GS6)
  4. 4.   Bartender or Waiter
  5. 5.   Business Professionals
  6. 6.   Dog Groomer
  7. 7.   Marketing/Advertising professionals
  8. 8.   Barber/Stylist
  9. 9.   Coach
  10. 10. Nurse

–by Vernon Heywood

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